EKG - Of Love and Slovakia


On Monday 8 October and Tuesday 9 October, the Igor Malijevský and Jaroslav Rudiš literary cabaret will be dedicated to the theme Love and Slovakia. Prague’s Archa Theatre will be host to guest appearances by Slovak writer Michal Hvorecký, the bandit Juraj Jánošík, singer, songwriter and poet Lucia Piussi and photographer Miro Švolík. The evening will be accompanied by the Slovak rock band Živé kvety (Living Flowers), who also have a connection with the legendary Bratislava theatre “Stoka” (The Sewer), performing this evening in a chamber formation.
We have asked the hosts - why Slovakia?
“I am in love with it,”  explains Jaroslav Rudiš.
“Slovakia is the breast of Europe,” adds Malijevský.
The event is held in collaboration with the Slovak Insititute in Prague.


EKG is a literary musical show, which in collaboration with Archa Theatre has been headed by Igor Malijevský and Jaroslav Rudiš since the start of 2007. EKG is today the largest Czech scene for live literature and aims to cross over genres and generations. The protagonists are always on the border of literary reading, musical evening and theatrical cabaret; each show is a premiere and a final performance at the same time. Improvisation, communication with the audience and authorial recitals of new texts by contemporary Czech writers all feature prominently in the performance.
price: 165 CZK
student/senior:100 CZK

Discount for the members of Archa.Club

small auditorium / open seating

length: 2 hours with intermission

language: Czech

Supported by:

Slovenský institut v Praze

Archa Theatre

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Divadlo Archa is supported by The City of Prague

Divadlo Archa is supported by The City of Prague