Archa.lab residencies


Archa.lab is an Archa Theatre program that focuses on education and research in the area of contemporary theatre. The goal of the residence program is to support young artists in their journey to find original artistic expression in the area of stage art. The two-year residency program Archa.lab is designed for young artists, graduates of various art schools, and other active artists.


Archa.lab has new residents!

After carefully evaluating all the applicants' projects the artistic management of the Archa Theatre decided to grant residence to Linda and Mathias Straub (Spielraum Kollektiv) who applied with the project BUSKING = ASKING. Linda and Mathias obtained residence on the basis of a concept which examines the social context of various forms of street art. The artists will develop individual components of theatre performance on the basis of a given topic in several phases, which will conclude with a stage presentation under the auspices of the Archa.lab in 2016.


For more information please write to Jana Svobodová — e-mail: jana.svobodova@archatheatre.cz



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Divadlo Archa is supported by The City of Prague

Divadlo Archa is supported by The City of Prague