Archa.lab ateliers


Archa.lab Ateliers are part of the Archa Theatre’s educational program and are designed for anyone who is involved in theatre or who would like to become involved in theatre. All of the ateliers conclude with a public performance in the Archa Theatre.

archa lab

We offer:

Ateliers for children

Ateliers for adults

For more information, please write to Jana Svobodová: e-mail: jana.svobodova@archatheatre.cz


Archa Theatre

Na Poříčí 26, 110 00, Prague 1
phone: +420 221 716 111
e-mail: archa@divadloarcha.cz

Box Office

phone: +420 221 716 333

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday | 10 - 18
and 2 hours before every performance

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Divadlo Archa is supported by The City of Prague

Divadlo Archa is supported by The City of Prague