Every year more than 40,000 people attend performances at the Archa Theatre. 56% of these visitors are of working age 26 – 45, almost two-thirds of all visitors (62%) are university educated, and another 36% are high school graduates.
We are offering you the opportunity to communicate with an attractive target group – visitors to the Archa Theatre.

By advertising in the theatre’s two-month program newspaper, you will be seen by our audience for more than eight weeks, while at the same time supporting the theatre’s activities!

Archa Newspaper


Amount: 6,000 copies
Distribution: Archa Theatre, cultural institutions, cafes, clubs in Prague, educational institutions, foreign cultural centres, leading festivals and other places
How often: 5 editions per calendar year - 1 x in 2 months (11-12/2011, 1-2/2012, 3-4/2012, 5-6/2012, 9-10/2012, 11-12/2012), issued in the last week of the previous month
Send orders to: pavlina.svatonova@archatheatre.cz no later than 2 weeks before the date of submission of proofs for printing (for the January-February edition by mid-November, etc.)
Deadline for submitting print proofs: 5th day of the previous month (5.12.2011, 5.2.2012, 5.4.2011, 5.8.2012, 5.10.2012)
Colours: black plus 1 other colour – we will inform you of the colour scheme of the particular edition when we receive your order.

Formats and prices:
full-page vertical:       - 284 x 344 mm (mirror)       CZK 18,000
½ page horizontal:     - 284 x 170 mm (mirror)       CZK 9,500
½ page vertical:          - 140 x 344 mm (mirror)       CZK 9,500
¼ page vertical:          - 140 x 170 mm (mirror)       CZK 5,000
Prices are exclusive of VAT.

We also offer other forms of advertisement cooperation: placement of flyers / coupons of your company at the box office and foyer of the theatre; placement of flyers on seats in the auditorium or their distribution to audience members upon leaving the theatre; placement of banners and roll-ups in the foyer of the theatre or in the auditorium during selected events, presentation of your advertisement spot on screens in the theatre. Execution and price by agreement.    

Contact | Pavlína Svatoňová | email: pavlina.svatonova(at)archatheatre.cz | Tel: +420 221 716 110

Archa Theatre

Na Poříčí 26, 110 00, Prague 1
phone: +420 221 716 111
e-mail: archa@divadloarcha.cz

Box Office

phone: +420 221 716 333

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday | 10 - 18
and 2 hours before every performance
Divadlo Archa is supported by The City of Prague

Divadlo Archa is supported by The City of Prague